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Become a more engaged, mindful leader, and cultivate the same strengths in your team. Get clear on what culture you want, what impact you want to make, and how those two are connected. Flow with confidence, focus and passion.

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1-on-1 Coaching
An investigation of your core values, perceived limitations and ideal self in order to reach the goals you've set for yourself and your team, and to consciously make the impacts that really matter to YOU. Includes:
  • - Strategy Session
  • - ‘Energy Leadership Index’ Assessment
  • - Assessment Debrief Session
  • - 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • - Complimentary Text Support

Immerse Your Team.

Team Coaching
Take your team on a journey. Combining 1-on-1 coaching with group sessions where you and your team develop a common language for communicating, removing blocks, and producing your best work. Includes:
  • - Group Strategy Session
  • - ‘Energy Leadership Index’ Assessments
  • - Individual & Group Debrief Sessions
  • - 1:1 Coaching Sessions per member
  • - Group Sessions

Elevate Your Impact.

Mindful Leadership Training
Based on the cutting edge neuroscience of emotional intelligence, this training is highly interactive and customizable to meet your team's specific goals. Choose an option:
  • Workshop - Half day introduction to principles & skills
  • (or)
  • Full Training - 8 weeks (8 hours total) + optional 1:1 Coaching
Who is "we"?

what i bring

Mark Downey, CPC, ELI-MP

I’m a Certified Professional Coach who believes taking the time to really know yourself is the secret to turning your passion into results that matter.

I spent five years as a management consultant supporting boundary-pushing startups and mission-driven companies like National Geographic around the world. In both coaching and consulting, my mission has always been to find creative insights, leverage bold strategies, & critically evaluate results in order to build understanding & maximize positive impacts for everyone.

I first discovered the transformative power of mindfulness when looking for ways to develop the courage and self-confidence to lead teams in unfamiliar cultures and tackle projects that were (initially) way over my head. Now, I work with clients on their feelings rather than their spreadsheets. I teach mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and work-life balance, and work 1-on-1 and with teams to apply their insights to real life.

my blog


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